Monday, 9 November 2020

Nurain Muhammad Sideeq (May Allah shower mercy on him).

I never met him, nor I know him personally. But I have always felt his Qiraat to be unique and have experienced the calmness in them. May Allah Azzawajal unite us in His Eternal abode. Aameen.

The people of Sudan generally are great and very good. They have lots of qualities in them. I have seen lots of Companies in Saudi Arabia their cashier or higher accountants being Sudani. This is because they are well known for their trustworthy.  I have visited Sudan twice Alhamdulillah for software training. So kind and loving people.  I have heard similar Qiraat while in Sudan and I think there on I have a liking  for this Qari. Another well known Qari from Sudan is Qari Abdul Rasheed Sufi. He is a walking Quran some people say. Very touching recitation. There is one great Qari of Sudan which very few non Arabs would know. His name was  Saeed Muhammad Noor (Rah). His recitation used to come in Saudi Quran Radio in those old days..80s.  Even a stone would melt at his recitation. 

It's the heart my dear readers. A bullet, if thrown with a hand, will not effect even a fly. But a shot fired from a rifle can bringdown an elephant. The very place for Quran is the heart. Words that comes out from heart, reaches the hearts. Emotion is the language of the heart. The same is the heartly (inner) language of Quran.

 إنَّ هذا القرآنَ نزلَ بحُزْنٍ فإذا قرأتموهُ فابكوا فإن لم تبكوا فتباكَوا

Just few notes here on my page in memories of a Qari I much loved.