Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Cage and the Parrot.

A king had a parrot which he loved so much. One day the King asked his minister to make a beautiful cage for it. The minister in order to please the King summoned his best craftsmen and designers to make an amazing golden cage. After a couple of days, a beautiful golden cage was ready and the minister presented the cage in front of the King expecting great appreciation. The King's firstly question was 'Where is the parrot'. The mister rushed to the room where the parrot was and found it to be dead. In fact, they were too occupied building the cage that they even forgot to look after the parrot. The King was angry at the minister and his team as the whole purpose of the cage was for the parrot. 

They all forgot the purpose of their works while they got too occupied in their works forgetting why and for whom they were working.

There are a parrot and a cage all around us.  Often we fail to distinguish between the purpose for which we are working. 

Our Beautiful Masjids are only a cage, the believers who attend are the parrots.
Our Big and large Madrassas are a cage and the Ulama & students are the parrots.
Our efforts of Deen are only a Cage. Building deen and qualities of Deen in our life is the parrot.

Likewise, our Prayers have a parrot and a cage. Our whole life has a parrot and a cage. We have to distinguish between the cage and the parrot in everything and every act we do every day. We may think, we are doing great things, but in the sight of Allah, when we forget the purpose, it may all be in vain.  Just think 'what's the use of a golden cage without the parrot'.