Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The ATMs of this life.

I say unto my Kids that all what they get in their life through me is in fact their Rizq (livelihood) which Allah Azzawajal has destined for them. I am nothing but like an ATM (Teller Machine) for disposing their destined possessions which their Rabb bestows for them. Tomorrow it may be another ATM in their life.

The Rizq of each one of us predestined before we were even born.  It is like each one of us is given an ATM card with certain charged balances in it to live this life.  One has to only search for the nearest and the right ATM for its disposal. It may be a shop, a business, a company and so on which may be the sources of our Rizq. 

As we all know it is not the ATMs that funds us. ATM are only means for disposal and they are fed by powerful hands behind. Likewise, whatever Rizq is earned in your life through shop or salary, it is your Rabb providing you who is so powerful. He knows the needs of everyone and He feeds each one accordingly. Our greediness has no place before Him. He cares our need and not our greed. 

Now the currency that comes out of your ATM may be valuable as dollar or can be in bulk as Indian Rupees. This is based on your deeds. If your deeds are satisfactory to your Rabb, He shall provide Barakah in your life. Which may be less in count but more in value. Hence don’t look just for the count of what you have got. Look what it actually benefited you in life. Your life will not end without your card getting empty. So never worry for your Rizq.  Your duty is to search for the ATMs of your life and the earth of Allah is so wide. Respect but don’t worship the ATMs (sources of your Rizq), rather know your Rabb, Allâh, the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong. Who can provide you through ATM or by any other means or without any means. He is the Source.


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