Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The story of the numbers. Story for kids

This happened long time ago, once upon a time the number 9 beat number 8. Number 8 asked crying why did you beat me? Number 9 replied ‘Don’t question what I do, this is simply because I am bigger then you and I have the authority to do anything on you.

From this incident number 8 learned a lesson. For itself to be greater, it should harass and beat those in lower. So, in the same way number 8 beat number 7 and when number 7 asked for reason it told the same arrogant reply of the number 9. This harassment followed between each of the numbers until number 2 beat number 1.

But the number 1 was unique. It had only 0 behind it which already is worthless and unworthy by its own.  Instead of beating the 0, brought the 0 towards its right, hugged and stood close by it.
Thus, by being kind to the worthless 0.  It turned to be number 10, the greater than all other single numbers

_Moral of the story: Don’t harass or beat someone inferior to you in order to be superior. Rather hug them in life and your status will only grow._

Heard this in one of Malayalam speech recently. Nice one for kids and also for adults who believe that to be superior in life has to turn others inferior. 😊  


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