Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Problems of life are like the waves of the ocean.

A Mother cat and her kitten were enjoying the seashore. As it was time for the sunset, mother cat asked the kitten to return back home. Kitten replied ‘No Mama’, I want to stay here. Mother asked why? Kitten replied. I see the ocean water is coming out to the shore. Slowly this will reduce the water and all the fish will be out. Then we can eat as many fish as we want. Mother advised ‘” *Your life will end, the waves will continue* ”.

Note: _This is how the problems of life is, like the waves of the ocean. If we wait to settle it, our life will end, not the problems.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Glorious Quran!

How would we react if we are told a Bayan of a great Moulana is being burned or the knowledge of Islam is being ignited. Our reaction would be,  how can anyone burn a bayan or destroy a knowledge!. So if the Kalam of a human cannot be touched or burned, how can anyone touch or burn the Kalam of Rabbul Alameen.

What they can burn is a recorded media and not the Bayan. A book but not knowledge. A Mus'haf not the Quran.  Quran is an Oral book recited, memorized, acted upon and transmitted through generations of this Ummah. Allah is its protector and He protects it through those hearts that carry it. If book was the main source, we would not be reciting Quran rather reading it like any hadeeth texts without its tunes. All that tunes and rythem of reciting Quran is a transmitted thing through generation after generation exactly as it was revealed and recited by beloved Prophet (s.a.w).

So is the knowledge of Islam. The main sources are those who carry the knowledge and books are secondary. Ummah has a great loss when an Aalim dies not when a book is lost.  We have lost thousand of books in history but not the knowledge. As the source of all knowledge is the Quran, it can never be destroyed until Allah raises Quran back unto Him.  It is said that the color of Tigris turned black and red, when Tartars killed Muslims and burned our greatest libraries in Bag.  If we read Quran a thousand times and the Hadees books, we would never get the right method of prayer, had not our Ulama and elders transmitted to us through generations as seen from beloved Prophet (s.a.w).

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. (Quote:Billy Graham)

So if given priority as an Ummah.

When our wealths are lost, nothing is lost.
When Masajids, Madrassas, Libraries, Mus'haf etc. are lost, something is lost.
When Eemaan and qualities of a believer are lost in us. Everything is lost.