Monday, 24 April 2017

Being Realistic.

Today when you are alive, no one has time to look at your face and smile. Tomorrow when you are dead, they all come to you to see your face. (a kind of formality)

The employees were informed about the death of a child of their boss. So, they all set to his home in sad mood to join the mourning. On their way, someone informed, it is not the child of the boss who died, it is the very boss himself. There then they all returned back smiling.  (Formality)

_Most of people act in formalities, few act wholeheartedly_

One of the qualities of Sahaba (r.a) as comes in Hadith is  أقلها تكلفاً  . They were the least superficial. If they did or said it, they truly mean it.

As we hear things like ‘What a great book it is, but I haven’t understood a bit… or  ‘This humble person humbly speaking before you’ and the very speech may be of harsh.   Humbleness is not in the word ‘humble’, it is in the character.

*Sahaba (r.a) when they say it, they mean it*.  أقلها تكلفاً


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