Monday, 6 February 2017

The real reason of death is the very birth.

Death will have some reason else angel of death would be blamed. If there were no reason, each death would have been a mystery like the missing of Malaysian airlines Flight 370, a trouble for the living and the dear ones.

It is said that someone who escaped fall from Niagara waterfall died after slipping over a banana skin in India_

فكم من صحيح مات من غير علة , وكم من سقيم عاش حينا من الدهر

How many of the healthy died of no any real reasons. And how many of the sick withstood the time.

Line of poetry by Imam Al-Shafiee (rah)
The real reason of death is the very birth. Whoever is born, must die. A return ticket for each one of us along with the boarding pass is taken with gate (place) and time printed. No any change or cancellation in this. Allah created (destined) our death before our very life.


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