Sunday, 8 January 2017

Driving through the Dunya to Akhirath

Our journey is towards the Qabr and Akhirath. In front of us should be Akhirah and behind us the Dunya. Example is that of a driver driving his car. If he looks only in the rear mirror and drive, his car will go and hit (crash) the front. If he ignores the rear mirror, someone from back may hit. Hence his focus should be the front and at the same time have an eye on the rear mirror as he drives on.

Note: If we see only Dunya, our Akhirath will spoil. If we only see Akhirath and totally ignore Dunya, Our Dunya from back (Wife, Children, Livelihood etc) may hit us. So, needs a balance between the two. Just as the driver, Akhirath should be viewed through the front big glass and same time have a look at Dunya through the rear mirror in order to have a smooth driving and safe journey.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Driving the Life to it's Destination.

Life is like driving a car. Driving by its nature has to be taken for serious. A small error in the traffic may be the end of everything. Same time, driving is also an art, enjoy it. The traffic rules are not made in order to terrify us, but for our own safety and wellness. Without obeying the traffic rules, one will never be able to reach the destination.

So is the Deen of Allah Azzawajal. There are rules and regulations, حدود الله the limits of Allah. Allah has set for us the rules because He wants us to reach to Him in safe.  He wants us to enjoy this life within its boundaries. Don’t wait to enjoy the destination, enjoy the very journey itself. Even a desert can be beautiful if there is beauty in the heart.  Sing the song of life as you drive on the way. Enjoy the green gardens and valleys. Appreciate the One who has designed everything so perfect. The beauty we see is just His art works, think how beautiful then is the Artist. 

People around you may be rich in their worldly possession.  But not all are rich with the stock of smile. A believer is someone who should be having it enough, hence give it to others. it’s a charity, it’s a Sunnah. 

"A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose." – (Quote)

When you see a Muslim smiling: say this Dua.. أَضْحَكَ اللَّهُ سِنَّكَ  "May Allah keep you smiling"

Hence between the burst out laughter and being too serious, there is a way to smile and take things coolly.