Monday, 24 October 2016

World Quran Competition at Makkah

MashaAllah much of the Huffaz from African countries. Where are the others?,  ‘Deen ‘ belong to Allah. He gives to those whom He loves, to those who value it. Those who miss it  in fact are Mahroom (محروم). 

If we miss a train or bus we will say Khayr, there must be some good in it. But is missing anything of Deen a khayr?. For eg: Missing a Salathul Jamaah with no valid reasons at its time. There is no Khayr in it. This reminds me an old story.

A servant and master was walking through a market place. Suddenly the call of Azan was heard.  Slave said to the master, I want to go for prayer. Master said OK you go, I will wait for you here outside the Masjid. The prayer was over and rest of people started coming out, still the master did not find his slave. He came delayed and the master asked him with a bit anger… Why you were late. The slave replied ‘The One Who called me to the Masjid did not leave me immediately ’. The master asked again astonishingly ‘Who is that one who called you’ The slave replied ’He, the One Who kept you standing out’.  Allah who is your master and my master.

Allah gives thoufeeq to Whom He will. If anyone is given thoufeeq to do good deeds, it’s a sign of His Love and Affection. If we are missing any Amaal at its time with no any valid reasons, don’t think there is some Khyr..but think ‘ Allah kept me away ’


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