Sunday, 30 October 2016

*Something for Muzakara about ilm- Divine Knowledge*

📚The place of ilm was Masjid,  that was our very Madrassa, in the Majalis of Ulama  who carried this light of Divine knowledge. When learning or seeking of this ilm went out of Masjid,   We lost that Noor of ilm. though we have larger books and libraries outside.

📚The place of learning ilm was by sitting humbly on the floor,  when we raised our position to high chairs and desks,  we lost the humility (تواضع)

📚The aim of ilm is the Pleasure of Allah,  when we made that goal to certificates and titles,  we lost the Ikhlas.

What's then left is a bunch of information and not the true knowledge that enlightened the hearts.

Though this cannot be generalised, much of qualities we did lose when we shifted our traditional ways to modern professional ways.

If you are really seeking knowledge,  there still be a scholar somewhere nearby you, who possess that knowledge. They are recognized by the fruits of knowledge in them. As the true beauty is often  covered in nature,  only the seekers of knowledge finds the source of knowledge.

_Knowledge is like a tree. It's very nature is to go upwards.. But when  fruits emerge,  the tree bends down in humility_


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