Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A tragic story of a Bayanist

A Bayanist (Speaker) was doing his great bayan with most in the audience numbly listening to him. While no-one was moved, he saw one of the person in the front lane crying and tears flowing through his eyes. Seeing this the speaker got his moral boosted and lengthened his talks. This one person was still sad and crying.

After the Bayan was over, the speaker came to the guy who cried and asked. ‘What is it that made you cry so much’? The guy replied ‘It’s nothing and leave me alone. The speaker again wanted to know ‘Please tell me what topic of my speech made you so emotional… I want to know’ after stressing many times the guy replied.

Actually I had a goat at home whom I loved so dearly. It died two weeks back. When I saw you speaking, your sound and speech reminded of my dear goat. Also my goat had similar beard just like you on the chin. I couldn’t control remembering it. It is so sad.

Lesson: Never do bayan to please someone. They may be crying or laughing for their own reasons


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