Tuesday, 6 September 2016

"Behind every pious man is a pious Woman*"

*Moulana Umar Palanpuri* (r.a) grew as an orphan. It was his great pious mother who wanted her  son to be an Aalim. She, though illiterate was too enthusiastic about studies of her son. Whenever Umar as a boy came back from Madrassa she would sit with her son for a while and see what he has learned. She would tell him about Allah and stories of the Prophets. Reminded him time to time  about the questions asked in the grave. This continued long after even when Umar Palanpuri was studying for higher courses of Aalim like Tafsir and Hadith. She would still listen to her son. Sometimes she would say *_"My son, it is me alone who is listening to you now , days will come when you will be heard by millions"_*

In one of Tongi _ijithima_ (Bangladesh) while speaking to millions who are gathered, moulana recalled and told the saying of his mother and broke into tears.

*"Behind every pious man is a pious Woman*"


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