Monday, 1 August 2016

Being Sincere!

🌾Someone invited Sufyan Ath Thawri (rah) for food. The host was saying aloud

to his wife “*Supply the food in the plates that I had brought from Makkah in my 3rd hajj*" Listening to this Sufyan Ath Thowri (rah) said “*How easily you have destroyed your three pilgrimages*"!!!

This mistake may happen to us specially if the mobile phone rang during the act of a good deed. 

"I am in Mataaf right now" 

" I am inside Masjid in Taleem."

"I am in Jamaath. "

"I am reciting Quran" 

And so on. ......

Did the person on the other end of the phone ever ask where we are or what we were doing??? He may have called to say something else!!

For a Haji sitting in Mataaf of Masjid al Haraam, it is more difficult not to mention where he is. To someone in Jamaath, it is more difficult not to mention where he is over the mobile phones. 

Tell them of your goods deeds if there is a reason. See if it is necessary or will it do any good saying out we are in the act of good deeds. Just think, will we say the same in amazement if we are in a market or shop? Then why alone for good deeds, make sure it was not the Shaitan or Nafs that prompted!!!

The motivation that lead you to do the good deed is the true intention behind it. What prompted or motivated us to say or act is the true niyyah.. If it was for a valid and right reason, it may be OK and beneficial, but if it was in amazement or self pride, are these valid reasons?

A man was eating breakfast with his left hand with Hazrath Umar (r.a) from his plate. Hazrath Umar (r.a) told him to eat with his right hand. He replied 'Ameerul Mumineen, my right hand is busy'. Omar (r.a) reminded again and he replied the same. 

Once the food was over, Omar (r.a) called the person to him and asked in private, why you are not eating with your right hand ' The man lifted his sleeves and there was no right hand. He then said his right hand was Shaheed in the battle of Yarmook

SubhanaAllah, look at his Ikhlaas, He did not speak out a good deed, a great sacrifice done for the sake of Allah until there was a valid reason to mention it. 

Hence let the good deeds we do be preserved and speak out only if there is a valid reason. See if your mentioning reminds them to do good deeds and benefits others. 


☘Allah knows best. ☘


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