Sunday, 17 July 2016


Imam Fakhrudeen Al Razi a great scholar of Islam (_May Allah have mercy on him_) was once passing by a market. He heard a merchant shouting aloud.

‘*Time is for sale*, Time is for sale, Hurry-up, my money and capital is melting away’.

Imam went closer to the merchant in amazement to see what he was selling. He saw many gathered around him. The person was selling ICE

He was true to his words. For the ice merchant each minute was counted and valued. Every minute he loses, his money that's ice was melting away. time is money for him

Our Life and time given to us is like the ice, it’s being melted away every second.

It's up to us how we use it. If we use this ice in a cold drink or for good use, it’s beneficial and worth. But if we left on the street to melt it away with out a purpose, it spoils the path and is a breeding source for mosquitoes and flies.


Time is money, use it wisely ........"_Time and Tide waits for no man_"


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