Sunday, 17 July 2016

Prayer and Mathematics.

One of a student today asked me how can I better my prayer. I just told him, just perform as you do a maths test or a maths equation.

One cannot write maths test without concentrating on each line he writes. Not even half mindedness will work out the equation in maths. Concentration has to be given on each line of calculation. Weather it be algebra or trigonometry, maths is maths and same rule applies.

Apply the same for prayer. When you are Saying Allahu Akbar just concentrate on that. When it is Fathiha, let your mind be on it and on each verse and so on. Until the end of prayer. Give your quality time in concentration to it.

Maths is the only subject where the teacher will put mark for whatever line student has tried to answer. Even if the answer is wrong, the steps or attempts has its marks.

You have similar for prayer, How much quality you have performed your prayer, that much is its marks or reward.

_So next time perform your Salah as the maths test and don't take the prayer for your memorized Poem in English subject which can be done in absent mind._

The student understood my example الحمدلله and I hope it's understandable for all.


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