Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tourist attractions in Makkah al Mukarrama.

Some of whom I take for a ride in Makkah Al Mukarrama for site seeing asks the question 'What are the important sites to see here'. I have to pause and tell them a fact 'NOTHING'. Yes, nothing is there in Makkah Al Mukarrama other than the KA'BA as of a tourist attraction. Nothing as of natural attraction. Why is that! , well, Allah in His eternal wisdom wants those who visit His house to be for His sake alone. They have no choice when coming to the holy land other than the sacred house for pilgrimage other than the KAABA. They are not given an alternative, for any pilgrim the first choice is the KA'BA. Second choice is Kaaba. It's only Kaaba and Kaaba alone, first and the last. He has locked your ekhlas (sincerity) without giving you a second option. He is the most wise, most knowing. سبحان الله

Now imagine if Kaaba was in any other place other than that empty barren desert of Makkah al Mukarrama. People may have double intention for their journey. Think of Turkey, Swiss, Malaysia, Kerala or any other place on earth, tourist will visit their with all sorts of intentions.

Hence someone going to Makkah al Mukarrama, know that Makkah is the Ka'ba the ancient house of Allah built by Prophet Ibraheem (P.B.U.H) and deeds associated with it. All the activities done over there is also part of Allah's wisdoms. He loved someone, his family and their sacrifices for their highest sacrifice and sincerity which none could surpass. Allah wanted humanity to follow their steps, the way of our father Ibraheem (a.s). 

Being sincere for Allah alone in a pilgrimage is the most beautiful of all other beauties. *_That's the very tourist attraction in Makkah al Mukarrama, the land of eternal spiritual beauty._* 

Allah knows best.


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