Sunday, 17 July 2016

☘ Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ said: "Charity does not decrease wealth..." [Muslim:2588]🍀

It’s like drawing water out of a well. The more you take out, the more water springs from its underneath. Though you may see some decrease instantly in the water level, what has been fetched out is returned back after a while from larger source that’s abyss. A miser sees only the little water in his well and don't understand the connection between what he has and the larger reservoir that's beyond his sight.

The word Allah Azzawajal used for spending is نفق NAFQ which literally me

ans a double sided hole. Like a desert lizard having two holes entering from one side and exiting from other. If you were ever in Makkah Mukarrama, read the names of any of numerous Tunnels there, you will see sign boards written in Bold ‘NAFAQ Sulaimaniyya, Nafaq Azeeziyya etc. So the word meaning a tunnel which has two openings (BTW. Munafiq also comes from the same root word because they also have two openings. When they are out of their hole with the Kuffar, they behave like them and when they are with believers, they say we believe)

So Enfaq (translated as spending in the cause of Allah) is in fact transfer of fund from one account into another of ours. A transferring of funds from our Dunya account to Akhirah (hereafter) account. Normally the amount that we deposit for retired income or any provisions for future, we don’t call that a spending. It’s actually Deposit or Transfer of funds from our own account to another account of ours for a future returns. Hence when we are spending (Enfaq fee Sabeelillah), we are transferring our fund from our Dunya account to the very safe and protected account of ours with Allah. Which is more protected than any federal or Swiss bank accounts of Dunya. Which Allah returns multiplied when it is most needed (Akhirah). Hence keep spending and believe in the above promise of beloved Prophet (s.a.w). Don’t wait for the promise to come and act upon. Allah’s promises comes after the actions.

Allah knows best. Jazakallah khair. 🌾


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