Saturday, 16 July 2016

Life is a wheel that keeps rolling on!

Life is a wheel that keeps rolling on
Life is a wheel that money can't buy
If Life was a wheel that money could buy
The rich would live and the poor would die.

The above is a nursery rhyme that I heard long back and I memorized it at first hearing. I share it here before I may lose it. Whoever has written it and whichever the school it is sung, I loved it. I am of the opinion that our kids should be singing meaningful rhymes rather than rhymes that no one understands what they are written or meant for. Like the famous 'Baba Black Sheep, Have you any wool'.
The funny thing is that my kids call me 'Baba' as Arabs call for Dad. Safwan my boy was thinking I am the Black Sheep as he is taught 'Baba Black Sheep' in LKG. How can I convince him when he is taught that way that I am not his Black Sheep with wools on! 


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