Wednesday, 27 July 2016

"If history had a tongue, it would speak about Abdul Basith time and again"

Qari Abdul Basith Abdul Samad (May Allah shower mercy on him), the east and the west knows him alike. The Egyptian reciter for whom there is no replacement. He is heard and reheard, numerous times, multiple times, still the heart longs to hear more. Those who heard him knows him. Those who knows him loves him. Those who love him loves because they loved those words that he recited.

Thirty years after his death, his recitations are alive with us and for the generations to come. The beauty of a recitation may not reach you at first sight, as the Glorious Quran is all about repetitions. It's a book whom you befriend it and it shall befriend you. You keep hold it firm and it shall hold back you in firm. You honor it and it shall honor you back. You keep in touch with it often and you reach a level where nothing tastes better. You really feel it inside when some people recites it. You feel entering your heart as the cold water is felt going through when drank after a long thirsty fasting. Abdul Basith Abdul Samad is one of them, whose recitation echoes and touches the very corner of your heart. I would love meeting him if he were alive. If not here, in the eternal abode of bliss InshaAllah. May Allah Azzawajal reward him the best and grant him highest of Jannah.


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