Thursday, 28 July 2016

🌾A Da'ee (One who calls to Allah) is like the sun 🌅

👉Sun keeps moving from place to place spreading its light …. Likewise a Da'ee moves around people conveying Deen of Allah.

👉Sun gets its source of light from Allah and spreads the whole world…….. Likewise a Da'ee carries the Ilm (Knowledge) from Allah and spreads among all people.

👉Sun don’t have partiality for any community or selfishness in giving its light……..._Likewise a Da'ee don’t differentiate between an Arab, Non-Arab, Black, White, Nationality, groups etc. His goal is the guidance for all_.

👉Sun don’t charge any money for the light it spreads throughout world……..._Likewise a Da'ee don’t expect any reward from anybody. The reward is from Allah alone_.

👉Sun don’t take any rest, no holiday or vacation until Qiyamath..….…._Likewise a Da'ee never rests from his duty until his death_.

👉If the sun gets eclipsed 🌘 someday, the whole world goes dark, in fear and in trouble….…._Likewise if a Da'ee stops his work, the world gets in fitna and in trouble_.


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