Saturday, 30 July 2016

No time to complain!

Ibrahim bin Ad'ham ( rah) saw a young man passing by with a cotton towel tied around his forehead. He asked him the reason. The young man replied this is because of having headache. 

Ibrahim bin Ad'ham (rah) then advised.  

You see my son.   "Allah (s.w.t) gave you a head ache for one day and you are showing the world complaining of this small pain. Did you display any sign for His numerous blessings other days in similar" 

That’s a moral story where Ibrahim bin Adham (rah)was reminding how complaining we are and how less thanking we show to the blessings of Allah. We often complain about that one thing we miss, while rarely show gratitude for the 99 blessings that Allah has given us. Man by default is a complaint box himself, except few. The complaints we have surpasses our gratitude. Even when we say Alhamdulillah, you see most often we have a BUT in our talks. 

Our normal talks goes like this: 

Alhamdulillah, the business is OK _BUT_ market is bad

Alhamdulillah the Haj journey was fine _BUT_  transport or room was bad. 

Alhamdulillah life is going fine _BUT_ not so good. 

Alhamdulillah Job is fine _BUT_ Salary or Boss is bad. 

In my little understanding what comes after the word _BUT_  is what our heart speaks and Alhamdulillah is just a word we say is a manner of introduction that comes out from the tongue. 

Many of the Arabs when I speak, rarely mixes Alhamdulillah with complaints, They stop with Alhamdulillah without a BUT. I think the reason being they know this is like fire and water. One extinguishes the other. If we are truly the people of Alhamdulillah, we will have no complaints and that’s the truth. 

Hence let’s learn saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ from our hearts without any _BUTs_  and _COMPLAINTS_ 

لَهُ الْحَمْدُ فِي الْأُولَىٰ وَالْآخِرَةِ

Thursday, 28 July 2016

🌾A Da'ee (One who calls to Allah) is like the sun 🌅

👉Sun keeps moving from place to place spreading its light …. Likewise a Da'ee moves around people conveying Deen of Allah.

👉Sun gets its source of light from Allah and spreads the whole world…….. Likewise a Da'ee carries the Ilm (Knowledge) from Allah and spreads among all people.

👉Sun don’t have partiality for any community or selfishness in giving its light……..._Likewise a Da'ee don’t differentiate between an Arab, Non-Arab, Black, White, Nationality, groups etc. His goal is the guidance for all_.

👉Sun don’t charge any money for the light it spreads throughout world……..._Likewise a Da'ee don’t expect any reward from anybody. The reward is from Allah alone_.

👉Sun don’t take any rest, no holiday or vacation until Qiyamath..….…._Likewise a Da'ee never rests from his duty until his death_.

👉If the sun gets eclipsed 🌘 someday, the whole world goes dark, in fear and in trouble….…._Likewise if a Da'ee stops his work, the world gets in fitna and in trouble_.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

"If history had a tongue, it would speak about Abdul Basith time and again"

Qari Abdul Basith Abdul Samad (May Allah shower mercy on him), the east and the west knows him alike. The Egyptian reciter for whom there is no replacement. He is heard and reheard, numerous times, multiple times, still the heart longs to hear more. Those who heard him knows him. Those who knows him loves him. Those who love him loves because they loved those words that he recited.

Thirty years after his death, his recitations are alive with us and for the generations to come. The beauty of a recitation may not reach you at first sight, as the Glorious Quran is all about repetitions. It's a book whom you befriend it and it shall befriend you. You keep hold it firm and it shall hold back you in firm. You honor it and it shall honor you back. You keep in touch with it often and you reach a level where nothing tastes better. You really feel it inside when some people recites it. You feel entering your heart as the cold water is felt going through when drank after a long thirsty fasting. Abdul Basith Abdul Samad is one of them, whose recitation echoes and touches the very corner of your heart. I would love meeting him if he were alive. If not here, in the eternal abode of bliss InshaAllah. May Allah Azzawajal reward him the best and grant him highest of Jannah.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Taxi experience.

While getting a Mumbai airport taxi last month, I remembered a joke I heard long ago. 

A Japanese tourist landed at Mumbai airport and took a taxi to his hotel room. He saw everything slow in India on his way, the trains, cars, machines and so on. He asked the taxi driver the reason and the driver replied this is because India is a developing country and still need to progress a lot. When the tourist reached his destination, to his amazement the taxi fair was very high. He asked the driver why. Driver replied 'My taxi fare-meter is ' Made in Japan ' it works faaaast.. 😀

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What’s the real problem of man!

A crying baby in the absence of its mother may be given toys and may stop crying for a while. You may then try giving chocolate, a balloon, sing a song. but again after a while the baby will cry again. You may give everything but with nothing of this worldly items, the baby gets satisfied.  BUT WHEN MOTHER COMES, THE CHILD’S CREIS & WORRIES ARE GONE. The child stops crying. The heart of the child was seeking something that nothing of this world could replace. The absence of the mother was the actual problem of the baby. Baby is ready to sacrifice anything for one thing, for its mother.  Even if the baby has everything, but without a mother, it’s just like it has nothing. But even if it has nothing but has mother closely it’s like having everything. 

In similar are we all, We the human, the son of man. Look at our problems. The actual problem of mankind is not the absence of necessities in life. Our cries for one toys after another will keep on, until our hearts find Allah.  The Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon them) knew the actual problem of man and their efforts were for one thing, to connect man with his Creator, his true Master.  They worked for one solution that got every problem solved. If you try to solve all the problems of man but don’t try to solve that one real problem, problems will remain. Our problem is the absence of Allah in our life, which is the real problem. All our cries and complaints are because of our heart misses what it really wants.  

If one has everything but no Allah in life, it’s like he has nothing. While someone has nothing but has Allah, is like he has everything. 


Sunday, 17 July 2016


Imam Fakhrudeen Al Razi a great scholar of Islam (_May Allah have mercy on him_) was once passing by a market. He heard a merchant shouting aloud.

‘*Time is for sale*, Time is for sale, Hurry-up, my money and capital is melting away’.

Imam went closer to the merchant in amazement to see what he was selling. He saw many gathered around him. The person was selling ICE

He was true to his words. For the ice merchant each minute was counted and valued. Every minute he loses, his money that's ice was melting away. time is money for him

Our Life and time given to us is like the ice, it’s being melted away every second.

It's up to us how we use it. If we use this ice in a cold drink or for good use, it’s beneficial and worth. But if we left on the street to melt it away with out a purpose, it spoils the path and is a breeding source for mosquitoes and flies.


Time is money, use it wisely ........"_Time and Tide waits for no man_"

☘ Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ said: "Charity does not decrease wealth..." [Muslim:2588]🍀

It’s like drawing water out of a well. The more you take out, the more water springs from its underneath. Though you may see some decrease instantly in the water level, what has been fetched out is returned back after a while from larger source that’s abyss. A miser sees only the little water in his well and don't understand the connection between what he has and the larger reservoir that's beyond his sight.

The word Allah Azzawajal used for spending is نفق NAFQ which literally me

ans a double sided hole. Like a desert lizard having two holes entering from one side and exiting from other. If you were ever in Makkah Mukarrama, read the names of any of numerous Tunnels there, you will see sign boards written in Bold ‘NAFAQ Sulaimaniyya, Nafaq Azeeziyya etc. So the word meaning a tunnel which has two openings (BTW. Munafiq also comes from the same root word because they also have two openings. When they are out of their hole with the Kuffar, they behave like them and when they are with believers, they say we believe)

So Enfaq (translated as spending in the cause of Allah) is in fact transfer of fund from one account into another of ours. A transferring of funds from our Dunya account to Akhirah (hereafter) account. Normally the amount that we deposit for retired income or any provisions for future, we don’t call that a spending. It’s actually Deposit or Transfer of funds from our own account to another account of ours for a future returns. Hence when we are spending (Enfaq fee Sabeelillah), we are transferring our fund from our Dunya account to the very safe and protected account of ours with Allah. Which is more protected than any federal or Swiss bank accounts of Dunya. Which Allah returns multiplied when it is most needed (Akhirah). Hence keep spending and believe in the above promise of beloved Prophet (s.a.w). Don’t wait for the promise to come and act upon. Allah’s promises comes after the actions.

Allah knows best. Jazakallah khair. 🌾

When you give Allah, give Him the BEST (أحسن)

When you give Allah, give Him the BEST (أحسن)

He didn’t ask you for more (أكثر)

He didn’t ask you for perfect (أكمل)

He didn’t ask you for the most virtues. (أفضل)

But He wants to see what the BEST we can offer Him. It’s like a father giving son couple of chocolates and father asking the son to give him one from it. Father wanted to test the son how much he loves him, How much of gratitude son has. Not because father wanted any chocolates!

Everything in life is given to us from Allah. He gave us all what we need for life, gave again and again and keeps giving in abundance every day and always. He wants to see who returns Him in Best of what He has given us.

So give Allah of your quality and what’s best and not just quantities.

He gave you inward and outward wellness. Thank Him in five time prayers for what He gave and perform your best. When you pray, give Him your quality time free from all other chores of life, even it is for a while.

He gave you much of wealth and provisions. Give Him what’s best to those of the poor and the needy. When you give, give the best, even if the count is less.

Don’t underestimate Allah. He don’t want your garbage. He is not in need of anything. All is for a TEST because He wants to give you more in this world and the eternal life to come. So when you give, don’t count or boast of how much you gave. Rather have the gratitude towards Him for accepting more from you. Let what you give of anything to Him be like your salary, a secret between you and your boss. If you are flashing it, you are just not a man. There is a misunderstanding!

Hence offer what’s best in your hands to please Him alone and know that you are offering to the One Who already has given you more and who alone can reward you with more.

Allah knows best, May Allah give us Thaufeeq.


الَّذِي خَلَقَ الْمَوْتَ وَالْحَيَاةَ لِيَبْلُوَكُمْ أَيُّكُمْ أَحْسَنُ عَمَلاً وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الْغَفُورُ

Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is BEST in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving (Surah Al Mulk: Verse 2)

Prayer and Mathematics.

One of a student today asked me how can I better my prayer. I just told him, just perform as you do a maths test or a maths equation.

One cannot write maths test without concentrating on each line he writes. Not even half mindedness will work out the equation in maths. Concentration has to be given on each line of calculation. Weather it be algebra or trigonometry, maths is maths and same rule applies.

Apply the same for prayer. When you are Saying Allahu Akbar just concentrate on that. When it is Fathiha, let your mind be on it and on each verse and so on. Until the end of prayer. Give your quality time in concentration to it.

Maths is the only subject where the teacher will put mark for whatever line student has tried to answer. Even if the answer is wrong, the steps or attempts has its marks.

You have similar for prayer, How much quality you have performed your prayer, that much is its marks or reward.

_So next time perform your Salah as the maths test and don't take the prayer for your memorized Poem in English subject which can be done in absent mind._

The student understood my example الحمدلله and I hope it's understandable for all.

Tourist attractions in Makkah al Mukarrama.

Some of whom I take for a ride in Makkah Al Mukarrama for site seeing asks the question 'What are the important sites to see here'. I have to pause and tell them a fact 'NOTHING'. Yes, nothing is there in Makkah Al Mukarrama other than the KA'BA as of a tourist attraction. Nothing as of natural attraction. Why is that! , well, Allah in His eternal wisdom wants those who visit His house to be for His sake alone. They have no choice when coming to the holy land other than the sacred house for pilgrimage other than the KAABA. They are not given an alternative, for any pilgrim the first choice is the KA'BA. Second choice is Kaaba. It's only Kaaba and Kaaba alone, first and the last. He has locked your ekhlas (sincerity) without giving you a second option. He is the most wise, most knowing. سبحان الله

Now imagine if Kaaba was in any other place other than that empty barren desert of Makkah al Mukarrama. People may have double intention for their journey. Think of Turkey, Swiss, Malaysia, Kerala or any other place on earth, tourist will visit their with all sorts of intentions.

Hence someone going to Makkah al Mukarrama, know that Makkah is the Ka'ba the ancient house of Allah built by Prophet Ibraheem (P.B.U.H) and deeds associated with it. All the activities done over there is also part of Allah's wisdoms. He loved someone, his family and their sacrifices for their highest sacrifice and sincerity which none could surpass. Allah wanted humanity to follow their steps, the way of our father Ibraheem (a.s). 

Being sincere for Allah alone in a pilgrimage is the most beautiful of all other beauties. *_That's the very tourist attraction in Makkah al Mukarrama, the land of eternal spiritual beauty._* 

Allah knows best.

A Mu'min and a Muslim

My child asked me what's the difference between a Muslim and a Mu'min.
I said 'Do you understand what's the difference between a *'Human Being* and *Being Human*.
Well _This makes sense. _.
Everyone is a human being. But for being human you need certain qualities. Like wise to be a Mu'min you need certain qualities in life that Allah wants in a Muslim.

Death is one breath away

Death is one breath away
On average we take 23000 breaths per day. If one is missed, death is the next.
Allah, He gives us everything needed in life, priceless favors day and night. Then how ungrateful it is to turn unto others for _bread and butter_. The One Who provides the greater things of life does provide the smaller things as well. For a test, he gave us different ways and choices. In truth, every favors comes from Him, those who seek from Him are the most blessed.
*وَمَا بِكُمْ مِنْ نِعْمَةٍ فَمِنَ اللَّهِ : And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allâh - HQ:16:53*

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Life is a wheel that keeps rolling on!

Life is a wheel that keeps rolling on
Life is a wheel that money can't buy
If Life was a wheel that money could buy
The rich would live and the poor would die.

The above is a nursery rhyme that I heard long back and I memorized it at first hearing. I share it here before I may lose it. Whoever has written it and whichever the school it is sung, I loved it. I am of the opinion that our kids should be singing meaningful rhymes rather than rhymes that no one understands what they are written or meant for. Like the famous 'Baba Black Sheep, Have you any wool'.
The funny thing is that my kids call me 'Baba' as Arabs call for Dad. Safwan my boy was thinking I am the Black Sheep as he is taught 'Baba Black Sheep' in LKG. How can I convince him when he is taught that way that I am not his Black Sheep with wools on!