Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Safwan my Boy!

Ismail Eliat
Safwan Eliat

If you remember your childhood of city life at Jeddah, I remember mine of my village in southern India.

You were born in a well setup Hospital while I was born at the very village home of my mom where there were no electricity.

You grew seeing Tom and Jerry and Merry cartoons, I grew listening to bedtime stories of my grandmas.

Your plays were with toys and computer games, my toys were the coconut leaves and paper boats.

You went to school in air-conditioned buses, I went to my village school walking through the paddy fields.

You grew up under well-lit lamps of all types, I grew up with smells of kerosene lamps and half lit bulbs.

Your modern days are my later world of my life's journey. Whereas my past has disappeared behind the horizons which you may well read them as 'Once upon a time' or as a 'Fairy tales' in your school books.

الولد سر أبيه - 

Son is the secret of his father ("Like father, Like son")


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