Saturday, 19 July 2014

My childhood Bravery!!!!

Long time ago, once upon a time when I was a kid, a little bigger than a baby. I was brave, shy, same time daring. There is a story of myself fighting with a dog and winning the wrestle. It happened that one day, I was crossing the wooden log bridge that is kept crossed over the little stream flowing to the lake in front of our ancestry home. I started crossing the wooden narrow bridge which only one person could walk across at a time. As I walked quarter the bridge, there happened to appear a dog on the opposite side. The village dog, perhaps under-estimating the bravery and strength of this child (me), dared to cross from the other end.  As the dog came close to me, I wanted my path to be cleared.  Then it in its foolishness thought I would move away. Rather it got a kick from me and it fell in the ditch. That was a great lesson the dog had. Later this dog became so obedient that whenever it sees me even from a far distance, would run a mile away.

This is only a glimpse of a child hood day in my life. Think about the other creatures whom I scared away. Today’s kids are as scary as cats even towards a mosquito.  To the surprise, killing a mosquito is the biggest adventure of their life.

Written for my Kids