Saturday, 19 July 2014

My childhood Bravery!!!!

Long time ago, once upon a time when I was a kid, a little bigger than a baby. I was brave, shy, same time daring. There is a story of myself fighting with a dog and winning the wrestle. It happened that one day, I was crossing the wooden log bridge that is kept crossed over the little stream flowing to the lake in front of our ancestry home. I started crossing the wooden narrow bridge which only one person could walk across at a time. As I walked quarter the bridge, there happened to appear a dog on the opposite side. The village dog, perhaps under-estimating the bravery and strength of this child (me), dared to cross from the other end.  As the dog came close to me, I wanted my path to be cleared.  Then it in its foolishness thought I would move away. Rather it got a kick from me and it fell in the ditch. That was a great lesson the dog had. Later this dog became so obedient that whenever it sees me even from a far distance, would run a mile away.

This is only a glimpse of a child hood day in my life. Think about the other creatures whom I scared away. Today’s kids are as scary as cats even towards a mosquito.  To the surprise, killing a mosquito is the biggest adventure of their life.

Written for my Kids

Friday, 2 May 2014

Returns of my pen

My pens dried up for a while. Unable to write down that my mind and heart were writing within. I just refilled the ink back. I always wanted to restart. But, Did I ever start then? A question! Yes, long time ago, here and there. Nothing in systematic nor organized. Some were in dreams and part of my day dreams. I had this very pen in my school days, later used it then and then hither and tither. Now my thought goes, what if I write on my dairy notes so that myself can read them from anywhere whenever needed. Allah has blessed me with much of His Favors. Thanks in return can never be completed either in action or in words. It's all beyond that. He keeps giving me again and again. Unto Him raises my sins, yet untome befalls His Mercy.  An understanding and recognizance of a blessing as a blessing itself is a way of thanks giving. That’s what a slave can do the least. Life has gone past half the average man's life. So this is a time to ponder over the past and think about. About the gone days and future of that whatever may be left. All to be done before the eternal journey begins. 

My pen which the ink I just refilled wants to scribble down further. Hope the ink never dries up again. The writing goes on and on. Until some of the pictures of past life are drawn here before viewers or readers and they benefit something of it. Here I go Bismillah..