Thursday, 15 August 2013

Wrong Identity.

Digital Identity in the Humanitarian Space | NetHope Solutions Center

Often when we chat or have a telephonic talk, we picture in our imagination the person we have not yet seen on the other side of the curtain. We create a picture of him from their sounds and the way of conversation, by their name, their title, nationality, religion and so on. When we say a doctor, we have someone in our imagination which is never the same when we say an engineer, likewise. There are times when our imaginations and expectations go wrong. We assume the person to look like such and such way and found out to be wrong in real life when we meet in person. I believe many have this experience when they meet me in real life as many did express their exclamation! 

There were numerous times those who called me for Tally software or an I.T related work and as they see me…did say... “I never thought someone like you to be the guy I was to meet”. There was once a friend of mine in Riyadh (Mr.Roy) with whom I had lots of discussion. Perhaps a month or more and we had talks and discussions. One day I had the chance to meet him when I traveled over there. The first instance he saw me commented. I never ever in a million expected a person to meet like you.......; anything wrong’…nothing brother …just expected and imagined to be someone else. For the profession and voice… for them, I was to suppose to be in a different shape.


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