Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Restart

Long time back I was a fan of Yahoo answers. There was a time when enough of a day's time was spent answering one question after another. One may believe it to be a crazy act, but there was a thrill in me. The joyous of my answer being thumbed up and choosing as best gave me the smile within. I continued it until I reached a point of 20000 and above, where an answer was given 2 points from Yahoo and best got the 10. I have now stopped it for the past few years. Nothing after that in the internet seems to me interesting. Facebook is least in my list. Twitter I just have an account which is never visited. A blog and a website exist in my name that’s never updated. Overall everything is now outdated. So I am thinking now… what if I write on my wall here something of the songs that sings within me. Perhaps it may be a reason to enjoy myself later in life, or my kids or a close friend. Why not put in words some of the thoughts……. So here I go.....

Sorry.... no ink in my pen now....!!!!