Saturday, 2 September 2006

The Ansar Masjid, Kasaragod

Photos remind not only about a place but also the time. Especially photo of a place where once you had been living for a span of time and left that place for some reason. Looking at such photo is joyous and heart soothing. That would increase in folds if that place were so dearer to you. It will take yourself spiritually to that place and remind you of your old days. Your hearts clasps it's feathers and flies back through the garden of it's memories. I should say, How can the joy of one's inner self be portrayed or explained to someone else. Can we share it, or is it between our heart and the Creator of it. Mostly tongs fails to express what one feels actually and the pens fails to write.

Beauty is what our heart pictures as beautiful to us. A poor man's hut is as beautiful to his eyes as the mighty palace of a king in his eyes. I loved the beauty of nature. To think about is what a true believer should do always. How beautiful is life when we see positive in all things.
Here is the photo of Masjid Ansar taken by me years back. Look at it's enchanting beauty. Taj Mahal is counted as one of the wonders of world, a great master piece. But Ansar Masjid do have its own beauty. Doesn't it? Especially its minaret is a master piece. It was built years and years ago. Everyone likes the simplicity of its structure. It was the plan of Kalanad Engineer and work of Chemnad Habeecha.. But I believe in Ponnani Muhammad Alika. This man is so wonderful. His simplicity is applied to this Masjid as he leads a simple life. Whatever, blessed be the man who designed it. Blessed be he who built it for the sake of his Lord. Blessed are of course those who attend the house of Allah.