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Dua for all.

The mood of Arab brothers in their talks is expressed by the kind of Dua they make during conversation. 

In good mood they have these words 

حياك الله
الله يسلمك
الله يعطيك العافية
بارك الله فيك

When in anger.....they have is a different kind of Dua. 

الله يهديك
الله يرحم والديك
قل لا اله الا الله
صلو على النبي
And so on. 

The positive side is that, in both cases and whatever is their mood, it is a Dua . No blaming and no cursing. 

It is said that, Shaikh Abdul Rahman Sudais as a child was naughty and much restless. One day seeing a mischief, his mother told him in anger 'Go away' May Allah make you Imam of Masjid al Haram' or in other saying 'May Allah make you stand in front of Kaaba for hours'. ( wordings may not be exact, but it's a story that happened)

SubhanaAllah, his mother's Dua was answered. Shaikh Abdul Rahman Sudais became the Imam at Masjid al Haram who stands hours and hours praying before the Ka’ba. Also such a powerful Imam MashaAllah that we Muslims have difference of opinion in much of our matters, The Imamath and Qiraath of Shaikh Sudais is unanimously agreed upon by Ummah and there is no second opinion. (الله يحفظه)

Beloved Prophet (s.a.w) told Aysha (r.a) one day, I know when you are pleased with me and when you are angry with me. Aysha (r.a) asked how. Rasulullah (s.a.w) said ' When you are pleased at me you say. 'لا ورب محمد. if you are angry at me you say 'لا ورب ابراهيم' 

(. For the exact explanation and wording of this Hadeeth that comes in Bukhari, Muslim. please ask an Aalim )

I mean to say, what a good example we all can follow, which is to make Dua weather we are in good mood or in bad mood. 

Don't think Dua only happens when we say in words, raising hand etc. That may be manners of doing it. Dua is the signal of our heart that's transmitted to Allah Azzawajal. With words or without words, it's the voice of the heart that counts. Especially in our emotions, the Dua may come from the heart and may be accepted. الله اعلم


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