Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What’s the real problem of man!

A crying baby in the absence of its mother may be given toys and may stop crying for a while but Next you may try giving a chocolate, but will cry again. You may give everything but with nothing of this worldly items the baby will be satisfied.  BUT WHEN ITS MOTHER COMES, THE CHILD’S WORRIES ARE GONE. The absence of mother was the actual problem of the baby. Baby is ready to sacrifice anything for one thing, for its mother.  Even if the baby has everything, but without a mother it’s just like it has nothing. But even if it has nothing but has mother closely it’s like having everything. 
will start crying again.

Now look at our problems. The actual problem of mankind is not the absence of necessities absent in life. Our cries for one toys after another will keep on, until our hearts find Allah.  All the Prophets of Allah (Peace be upon them) knew what the actual problem of man and their efforts were for one thing, to connect man with his Creator. They worked for one solution that made every problems solved. If you try to solve all problems of man but don’t try to solve that one real problem, problems will remain. Our problem is the absence of Allah in our life, which is the real problem. All our cries and complaints are because of our heart misses what it really wants.  

If one has everything but no Allah, it’s like he has nothing. While someone has nothing but has Allah, is like he has everything. 



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